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Success Defined

Today is Monday so we are talking about personal growth.  As a small business owner or operator, it is imperative that you are continually growing and stretching yourself. 

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As the leader of your organization your team is looking to you to set the tone for what it means to grow personally. 

Over the next few months I am going to share some success principles that will help you grow in the area of relationships, equipping others, your attitude and leadership.  I want you to grow personally in all four of these areas, because if you do you will be successful in whatever industry you are in. 

So, let’s first define success.

Success is _______________ (You fill in the blank.) 

Success is really whatever you define it to be.  Success is as different as people are.  Sure, a theme of success is fame and fortune.  Many people desire those two things, but a whole bunch of people couldn’t care less about fame and fortune.  So, what about being respected by friends and family.   Great desire, but not necessarily the definition of success for some. 

You see success is really how you define it. 

So how do you define it?

Let me help you out here:

Success is knowing your purpose. What on earth am I here for?

Success is growing to your full potential. Fully expressing what you were put on earth to do.

Success is sowing seeds that benefit others. Is what you are doing adding value to those around you?

Lifes most persistent and urgent questions is, “What are you doing for others”?
— Martin Luther King Jr.

Take some time and write down your definition of success.  How do you define success?  Tell me in the comments below!

Do you have a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset?

Specifically, I will talk about how these mindsets will affect your team leadership.  

Watch the video here and read the written notes below.  

Specifically, I will talk about how these mindsets will affect your team leadership.  Watch the video and see the written content below. 

What is a scarcity mindset?  It means that you have a view of life that says there is only so much pie to go around and if you get a piece of pie than there is one less piece for me to get so I need to stop you from getting a piece.  It is a win-lose scenario.  

What is an abundance mindset?  An abundance mindset is a view of the world that says there is more than enough pie for all of us!  You can have pie and I can have pie and we both can have seconds if we want and there will be no lack.  It is a win-win scenario and way of looking at life.  It is a belief that if I help you win, I will win as well.  

How does this affect team leadership?

If you have a scarcity mindset you will always be protecting your position and keeping people under your thumb.  You will operate out of insecurity and not allow your team members to raise up which will eventually get you a team that is at best disgruntled, and at worst full of low performers.  No high performing person will stay under that style of leadership.  

The abundance mindset as a team leader recognizes the value and contribution of each of her team members.  She does not think that she is the leader because she has all the ideas.  She knows that she is the leader because she knows how to bring all the right players on the team, send them in a direction and give them opportunities to shine and thrive in their gifting.  Knowing that if she has amazing team members that come up with great ideas it reflects her greatness and any leader worth their salt will recognize that.  

How to shift to an abundance mindset:

1.     Recognize that everyone has tremendous value. 

2.     If you are in a leadership position you do not have all the answers, but your team may.

3.     Your role as team leader is to identify each team members sweet spot and help them reach their full potential.  If you are known for doing this, you will never have to worry about or be insecure about your position or job status.  Thai is rare and so needed in organizations.

If you want help implementing the abundance mindset in your organization please contact me here.  This is what I do! 


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