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Words matter

I want to take a moment and encourage you out of Proverbs, which is a collection of wise sayings.  Here it is, “Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.”  I know I challenge you often in the words that you speak, but the truth is that words are a powerfully practical way to encourage others.  

I was reminded of this powerful truth 4 years ago at Cottage Hospital.  After my wife delivered our baby we moved to a new room.  I was walking with our baby down the halls of the hospital and every nurse and hospital staff person I passed congratulated and complimented my baby and me.  It was so encouraging and made my great day even better!  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that every single staff person congratulated me, I know it was intentional. Speaking kind words to those around you is like anything else in life, it's a habit.  

I want to challenge you to speak kind words to those around you and be intentional about it.  Think about those in the office, at home or friends you have.  Send a kind text, an email or speak a kind word in passing.  Begin to develop the habit of speaking kind words today!