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Would you be thankful if...

I want to give you a challenge during this Thanksgiving season.  The challenge is to give thanks in all circumstances!  It’s so important that we maintain an attitude of gratitude!  Sometimes this requires a perspective change.  To prove the point that you can give thanks in all circumstances, I want to share a story I watched on the local news last night.  

A reporter was doing a story on families that have to sleep in their cars at night because they do not have a home.  One of the families was a woman with her 2 daughters and their dog living in a minivan.  They shared that the 17 year old daughter was earning all A's in her classes in high school.  They proceeded to interview the young lady and her attitude of gratefulness was amazing.  The young girl began to list how blessed she was because she had a mom that loved her, friends at school and a roof over her head.  I never would have considered my car as a roof over my head.  I was looking at this young girl that had lived in her car for the last 3 years while maintaining a wonderful attitude and I was moved.  I was reminded of just how blessed I am and that in all circumstances I always have the opportunity to give thanks.  

What are you most thankful for today?  Please comment below.