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Do you reflect?

I recently took some time to reflect on this past year and as I was reflecting I typed up 10 questions that I asked myself to guide me through my reflection process.  The questions were so powerful for me that I decided to create a guide for others to go through as they reflect on the challenges and successes of this past year.

Reflection turns experience into insight. - John Maxwell

Below I have shared my answers with you from my time of reflection. What I have revealed below is my initial reflection time where I gave myself 15 minutes to reflect.  Subsequent to this initial reflection time I have taken time to further reflect on my answers and I have gained some amazing insights.  You can find out my whole process in the reflection guide that you can download below.  My hope is that you are able to spend some time going through the guide I have provided and you can gain some tremendous insights on what has worked for you this last year and apply the lessons to next year so you can have even more success!  

My Time of Reflection:

1.     What was the greatest decision I made all year?

2.     What made it the greatest decision?

  • It began a change in me that enabled me to hand off an entire ministry seamlessly.  I also expanded my thinking on what I am capable of and got me thinking more like a business owner and less like a “producer”. 

3.     How did I make that decision?

  • I heard about the book from James Wedmore and just purchased it, knowing I need to grow in that area.  I spent a day listening/reading the entire book.  I was serious about changing and coming who I need to become so I can go to the next level.  Part of that decision played into setting aside time to work on my business, which eventually got me to this moment of being full-time in my business. 

4.     How can I make more decision like that in 2018?

  • By recognizing the areas in my life that need to change and taking action to change them. 
    • ecognize that some of my challenges have nothing to do with personality
    • Change my mindset on my personal capacity
    • Be teachable
    • Take immediate action on what I have learned
    • Teach others what I have learned

5.     What team members do I need to give more time to in 2018? (I have real people in my personal notes)

  • People who understand what I am trying to build, have skills that contribute to what I am building and are encouraging me to build it.  I need “believers” on my team.  People that believe in the dream and want to be a part of it either by association or on my staff.

6.     What team members do I need to give less time to? (I have real people in my personal notes)

  • People that do not know how to get where I am going. 

7.     What team members do I need to help transition on to a new team? (I have real people in my personal notes)

  • People who have me confined to a box that serves them. 

8.     What am I most excited about going into 2018?

  • Business Growth and having the ability to pursue my dream full-time.  I am looking forward to building up my membership site so I can have people learning and growing using my materials 24 hours a day all around the world.  This is ultimately my business model and I am working to get there this year. I already have 1 product on my membership site. 

9.     What gives me the most pause about 2018?

  • The opportunity is so huge and my week is going to be full so fast.  I need to get the membership site up and running so I can serve all the people I want to serve.  I also need to build my team and off-load as much as possible and allow others to use their gifts and talents to serve the team.  

10.   What 1 thing am I hoping to accomplish in 2018?

  • Have 100 people on my membership site that are active and receiving a wide range of products and services. 

Download my Reflection guide HERE