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Listen to your heart

Do you ever wake up with a song playing in your head?  I often do and I think it's pretty cool.  A while back I woke up with a song I haven't thought of in years and it was the perfect song for my situation.

The main line of the song is, “change my heart oh God, make it ever true, change my heart oh God, may I be like you.”  It's a pretty simple song but the message is powerful.  It's a message that runs counter to our natural inclination to "listen to our heart.”  We give and receive that advice all the time, but is that the best advice?  Do we truly believe that we should simply listen to our heart when making decisions?  

If I always listened to my heart I would probably be in jail.  Okay maybe that's a little strong, but seriously.  My heart tells me to give people a piece of my mind.   My heart tells me that what I want supersedes what anyone else wants or needs.  My heart is interested in one thing and that thing is me.  That’s why I need my heart to be changed.  

I said this song was perfect for my situation; well what was my situation you may ask.  My situation was not all that different from those you encounter, it’s was a relational conflict.  I was butting heads with someone close to me and we were having a battle of the wills.  My heart was telling me to set this person straight and show him how he was disrespecting me.  I believe God placed this song in my mind that morning to remind me that my heart is not always what I need to listen to.  In my situation I believe God was reminding me that I have one responsibility and that is to allow Him to change my heart and make me into the person He has called me to be. 

How about you?  Would you be willing to pray, “change my heart oh God?”  If you do I know God will be faithful to answer that prayer and make you into the masterpiece He has called you to be. 

Do you ever wake up singing songs?  What song did you wake up singing today?