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How to make a heart glad

In our family my wife does the grocery shopping.  Not long ago she mentioned to me how everyone in the grocery store that day looked weighed down.  From the time she walked in the store until the time she walked out she only saw one person smile in the entire store.  My wife recounted that the cashiers were pleasant as she checked out, but generally unenthused and maybe even a little depressed.  She made it her goal to try and make the cashier smile during their interaction and if I remember correctly she was successful.  So why am I telling you this?  Well there is a proverb that says, “Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad.” 

So many people in our world are weighed down with anxieties, worries, fears and concerns.  These anxieties eventually cause depression.  Maybe not clinical depression, but a weighing down of the spirit causing one to merely survive through life.  I’m glad the proverb doesn’t end there.  These wise words go on to say that a good word will make the heart glad.  That may seem a little overly simplistic, but really we all know this to be true.  At some point in our life we have been down and some one came beside us and cheered us up, they gave us a little pep talk.  They spoke some words into our life that placed hope in our heart and made us glad! 

So here is the challenge for you today.  You have people all around your life, whether at the grocery store, the office, your home or circle of friends.  Some of these people around your life are weighed down with worry and you have the medicine to make their heart glad, and that medicine is your words.  I want to encourage you to add strength and joy to the hearts of those around your life.  Speaks words that are life giving and make the hearts of those who hear them glad. 

How has someone encouraged you with their words recently? Comment below.