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God. Is. Love.

I hope you feel God’s love today.

Scripture clearly tells us that God is love.  It doesn’t say He can love or if you do good He will love you; it says that He is love.  God is the fountainhead from which all love flows.  God is the source of all love.  In fact, we could not have the capacity to love had God not first loved us. 

All that being said let me encourage you with a thought today.  God could not love you any more than He does today.  God loves you and if you say yeah, yeah I’ve heard that before, that thought proves that you don’t know it.  If you did you would be blown away by the thought.  If you lived every moment of your life with the knowledge that God loves you it would change how you live your life.  It would change how you make decisions, it would change how you interact with others, and it would change everything about your life. 

I want to encourage you this week to think of the various ways your life would change if you really believed that God loved you, every day of your life, every moment of your life, good or bad.  How would that change your life? 

I hope you are able to live the rest of your life knowing that God could not love you anymore than He does right now. 

How has knowing God loves you changed the way you live your life?  Comment below.