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Do Not Buy Another Digital Program Until You Listen to This Video

I wanted to drop in and give this public service announcement because I heard something the other day, and it just didn’t sit well with me.  I was talking with a master online marketer, and he said to me, you must be okay with the fact that 80% of the people that buy your program will not follow through and get the results they were hoping for.  They won’t put it into practice, and they won’t achieve what they set out to do with your program. I was like, what does this mean?! It means that we’re all buying this dream solution, that product that's supposed make miracles happen but in the end, it doesn’t work.


    Then I looked at my Facebook stream, and I began to see it.  In my timeline in my sponsored, cookie tracking ads things like “definitive guide to working less, and making more.”, "Learn how to grow your business using proven systems to create videos that sell”, basically programs targeted to people like me, high paying clients, to pay for their program.


    Look at the key words there? Definitive money sales, high paying clients grow, proven, basically buzz words to get you to buy. They are designed to get your attention. They’re sexy, and shiny. They want to make you jump in with both feet, but this quote is what makes me pause.  John Maxwell says that "if you’re not at the table you’re on the menu."


    It boils down to this.  If you’re not selling, you’re the one getting sold, right? Now I love creating content, and I have friends that also creating content.  Content works, and my life has been changed by amazing content I have put into practice.


    There it is. Did you see it? The key word? Practice.  The purpose is to engage you, and to have you put into practice what you have already watched, purchased, and learned, because 80% of you won’t. You have binders, and attended seminars, you have outlines, and books to give you strategies and steps on how to increase sales, and your leadership abilities, but there's one key thing you're missing. You’re not putting in the work. You're not doing what you’ve learned and applying that to your business. I can prove it.


    The struggle is real, it’s not something I fabricated for the sake of a blog post, and I wanted to share this example with you. So the business owner that I talked to today said something that stood out.  He said, “I’ve got so much to do, I know what I need to do, I just don’t do it” As a coach, I can’t just let that go, so I asked him, why don’t you do the things you know you should do in your business? He said a few things that didn’t answer my question, and then changed the subject.  He is not the first person this week to say this to me. A small business owner living their dream, a couple of months, years, decades in saying, I am just trying to find the motivation to do this. Why? Because he bought into a program that was this dream solution that if you started a business, and was his own boss that everything would change, and suddenly everything would be different and better.  Another system said that if he bought the program, you would be able to do Facebook ads that would multiply your business. Six, seven figures, if you just do this program. Do this email generator or that one, you’ll get more leads. I mean it all sounds great, right?


     A lot of these programs work, and work well, but here’s what makes them fail.  You don’t put in the work. Just like anything, losing weight, saving money, raising a child, you gotta put in the work.  Or you have a mindset that is stopping you and keeping you from getting past those barriers that would allow you to get the full benefit of that program.


   Listen, I love you, and I’m your friend and I genuinely care about your success as a small business owner.  I want to help you have programs that can help you, but it's not going to if you don’t put in the work. I want to support you in that if you invest thousands of dollars into a program, and you’re not getting the results that you hoped for, you can look back to see what work, what accountability you took in that process.  So I am offering this program that has no content, simply results. Pure accountability.


       So if you want the results that all these programs offer that you and you’re tired of buying them, I want to help you go to the next level in your thinking.  I to hold you accountable to the things that you already know you’re supposed to be doing, so you can get the results that you desire. So, if you’re ready to change, and ready to change your mindset.  If you want results, let me know. Just email me and put in the subject line, “Ready to change”, and I’ll get back to you.