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Going on a trip to a networking event

So you’re heading to your first networking event, and all the sudden it hits you! You don’t know what to do or expect, but don’t worry, we’ll guide you through it by coming to a networking event with me!


I’m heading to the Benbrook Chamber of Commerce, and before I even leave I make sure of a few things…

  1. I’m groomed.  I’m shaved and trimmed, ladies, ensure your hair is in a professional style.

  2. I have fresh breath, and ensured I have gum with me for freshen up during the event.

  3. Fresh, and pressed clothes.  My jacket is fresh, and pants free of any pet hair or wrinkles.

  4. Chapstick.  I can’t stress this enough.  You don’t want to walk in with flaky, crusty lips.

  5. I added this one for women, make sure your make up is done in a natural way, that is professional and understated.  Glitter has no place here.

Before I go in, I check to make sure I have my business cards.  You gotta have those, because how else are all your new friends gonna connect with you later.

When I get to the event, I view it as meeting up with my friends.  That’s what you want right, to become friends with the people that can make your business better.  Go in with confidence. Confidence is key, and when you go in with an attitude that you have something happening in your world, that confidence will radiate from you, and attract people to you.

On my way in I meet a doctor that runs a free-standing ER, and I am impressed with the way he’s dressed.  He has a clean cut look, fresh hair cut, and is outgoing and friendly to me on the way in. This is an example that you want to emulate when you go to networking events.  He said hello as we walked in together and introduced himself to me, and had some small talk about what we did. Easy right?

Inside, I meet up with the head of the Chamber, and you can see her shout out on the video, but now we’re here at the event.  From here, I will mingle, makes some new friends, and hopefully some new business contacts. Enjoy the networking!