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Do Your Activities Line Up With Your Vision

Today I want to discuss something that I have been pondering, and that’s vision. Where I'm going, What I'm doing, and am I'm accomplishing that. The question I pose to you is this, do your activities line up with your vision? This is a question of alignment; do your actions, involvement, and activity align with your overall goals.


I was in my car earlier thinking about this subject and the image of movie characters fighting over the steering wheel, and one is yanking it right and the other left, and no one is gaining the advantage. The car just keeps going in no direction, and not towards where it needs to be. Sadly, this is what many of our lives look like, and its east to get off track with good intentions.

This tracks back to your activities and actions, and do they align with what your vision is. Let me give you an example, I have a vision for my life, and health, in that I will be active with my grandkids and great grand kids, all the way up to my 90’s. I can’t control how long I live but I can control how healthy I am right now.

I wanted to refocus, since I am not the leanest or most active guy and I didn’t want to waste my life dwelling on the extra pounds that may affect my joints or overall health going forward. I had the opportunity to contemplate this while visiting with some friends earlier this year, this also afforded me the opportunity to spend time with a good friend and reconnect. Many of my friends are all very active in weight lifting and I thought I would give it a try. Would weightlifting allow me to align my goals for my well-being and health?

So, I began the journey into weightlifting, and what I realized is that I found myself while doing so. I learned that I wanted to build muscle and fully immerse myself in what I was doing with lifting. Next thing I knew I had gained 25 pounds of muscle, but am not quite where I want to be. I had to recognize my accomplishments, but that I needed to refocus on my cardio and caloric intake which were missing in my alignment of my health goals.

I know that a good lifting session is fantastic, but I couldn’t lose my vision. My example is just a simple one to show that we can’t lose focus or allow things to affect our alignment to our vision. So, I encourage everyone to look at your overall vision. Figure out where you’re going next, what needs to be done to get there and do those things align with your ultimate vision. Don’t lose focus on the end goals.