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9 Ways You Can Add Value To Your Team

Today is team leadership day where we talk about how you can better lead your team.  I want to give you nine ways to add value to your team. Adding value to your team is foundational in the philosophy that I'm coming from.  I hope this will help you if you're a business owner or you simply lead a team of people. Let's get into it!



9 Ways You can Add Value To Your Team


#1: Modeling.

You set a good example for your team to follow. That's one way you can add value to your team. You set the example, model the way you want it done. The old saying, “Monkey see, monkey do,” right? We're not that far off from monkeys in that we learn by watching others do it the right way. Make sure you're modeling what you want done.

#2: Vision and direction.

This one's a big one.

You give clear communication for where you're going. When I go into organizations and talk to them about vision and direction, a big thing that comes up is that it’s inspiring. We know the positive side of vision and direction. It's inspiring when there's a big vision. What's the inspiration that comes when there's lack of vision? I'm telling you right now; insecurity creeps its way in. If you find you have people in your organization that are insecure, there could be a multitude of reasons. One could be that you're lacking vision or they just aren't hearing that vision enough. It's not being communicated in a way they can grab hold of and move forward with it.

#3: Encouragement and affirmation.

You support them. You support your team and give them hope.

Another way you can add value to your team is by simply encouraging them. When you see something that is positive, say something about it, encourage them, let them know that you saw it and you believe it is something you want to see continued. Reinforcing the attitude or the activity you want to see done in your organization.

#4: Belief in themselves.

You help them see their potential and instill confidence.

I had a mentor for 13 years of my life and I had the opportunity to honor him publicly in front of hundreds of people. I was asked to say something specific about his contribution into my life. The one thing that stuck out more than anything else was his belief in me when I didn't believe in myself. My mentor believed in me and I grabbed hold of his belief and it became my belief. I began to believe in myself. If you can believe in your people and let them know you believe in them, that will add value to them.

#5: Willingness to try new things.

Everything in life, and everything you want in life, is outside your comfort zone. Everything you want in life, every desire you have, every dream you have, every thing you want in life, is going to be outside your comfort zone. I've been texting back and forth with a friend I'm doing some speaker coaching with. She wants to be a speaker and she wants to be on the biggest stages, the biggest platforms she can in her mind, but she's struggling to send me a five-minute video, just to me. I'll be the only one who sees it. She's struggling to send that to me. Look, everything you want in life is outside your comfort zone, so if you continue to model that stretching and moving and that willingness to try new things, then you create an environment for your people where they can try new things and they can fail. Sometimes they can mess up, but that's okay, because you have created an environment where we're going to try new things because we're going to push the envelope.  We're going to innovate. We're going to grow.

#6: Personal development.

You provide a way for them to be mentored and coached. You can add value to your team by providing a way for them to be mentored and coached by you or other managers on the team. You can equip other people on your team to do this.

#7: Commitment to personal growth.

You keep growing, which encourages them to keep growing. You model personal growth. You have a coach of your own. You go to leadership development trainings. I'm so proud of the small business owners that are in my trainings because they are leading the way for their employees. They're saying, “Look, I haven't arrived,” or maybe “I’m ahead of you in the organization because I'm the leader,” but I have not arrived. I haven't crossed the finish line. I'm still in process of personal growth, and you model that for them. This is another thing my mentor did really well.

#8: Empowerment.

You provide them with opportunity, freedom and security. You, at some point, have to empower your people and give them opportunity to succeed, wildly succeed, or to fail. That's the risk you take being in leadership and empowering people, but it's a risk you've got to be willing to take because the upside of empowering people is greater influence, greater organization, and greater effectiveness, right?  When you empower, you add value to your team members. You are giving them an opportunity to be a part of something greater than themselves.


#9: Being a part of something greater than themselves.

You allow them to bring their gifts to the table and achieve more and more with a team than they could on their own. That's what it's all about. What can we do together?

Mother Theresa said, “You can do some things. I can do some things. Together, we can do great things.” That's what being a team is all about. If you're a team leader, it's about recognizing that all of us have a contribution to make. Together we can do something great. We can turn our region around; we can get the sales where they need to be. We can turn the culture of this organization around.

I'm going to give you nine questions to ask yourself. You can write these down, come back to them, but ask yourself these questions and they go along with the nine ways to add value and then we'll be done.

Here are the questions to ask yourself:


·       How do I set a good example for my team to follow?

Vision and direction.

·       How will I give clear communication for where we are going?

·       Do I have it written down?

·       Do I know how I am casting the vision and getting this vision out?

Encouragement and affirmation.

·       How do I support my team and give them hope?    

·       Do I have something on my calendar; something to regularly get that habit of encouragement going?

Belief in themselves.

·       How will I help my team see their potential and instill confidence?

Willingness to try new things.

·       How will I as the leader, make it safe for my team to step outside their comfort zone so they can grow?

·       How am I going to make that something they can do on a regular basis and they can get comfortable with?

Personal development.

·       How will I provide a way for my team to be mentored and coached, whether it's you or bringing someone from outside to do coaching and mentoring with them?

Commitment to personal growth.

·       How will I keep growing which encourages my team to keep growing?

·       What program am I going to go through?

·       What books am I going to read?


·       How will I provide my team with opportunity, freedom and security?

·       How am I going to give them opportunities to step out?

Being part of something greater than themselves.

·       How will I allow my team to bring their gifts to the table and achieve more with a team than they could on their own?

I want to encourage you to take one of these 9 ways and begin implementing one a month in your organization. Maybe it's encouraging. Maybe you are figuring out how you're going to cast the vision. Whichever one speaks to you the loudest. Go ahead and start doing that one this week. You can take another one for next month and in nine months, you will have something great going and your team will feel the difference.

Check out my next video talking about the results of that value.

*9 points borrowed from Developing the Leaders Around You by John Maxwell

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