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9 Results of Adding Value To Your Team

Hopefully, you ‘ve already watched the video on nine ways to add value to your team. If you haven't, I would encourage you to watch that after this video. You don't have to watch them in order. It’s like eating your dessert before you have your meal. That’s alright. In this video, I'm going to tell you nine results of adding value to your team. We talked in the last video about nine ways to add value. Now, you will put it into practice. What can you anticipate? What can you expect your team to look like? And to give back to you as you add value to them. I'll give you nine results of developing your people.



#1: Loyalty.

They're committed to you as their leader and to the organization. If you have loyalty, you know the feeling. It's a great feeling because you have tremendous courage to move forward. It gives you a boldness when you know that you have people that have your back, right?  They've got you. They’re with you. They're going to ride or die with you. That’s what loyalty feels like. if you don't have it, you feel like you're on an island. You feel miserable. You feel miserable because you feel like you're the only one that is trying to move this thing forward, and you've got a bunch of people that are not united in the purpose you're trying to move towards. It feels very lonely; therefore, loyalty is huge. When you add value to your team members, you get loyalty in return. 

#2: Encouragement.

They build you up and help carry the load. They build you up. Encouragement, encouragement. What is one of the ways you can add value to your team and you will get it back? It will be reciprocal. If you begin to develop a culture of encouragement, it'll come back to you. When you add value to your team members, they will begin to encourage you because they're receiving so much value from you. I've seen this in trainings when I've gone into organizations and I've done trainings.

It's been amazing to the senior leader when they get some of the feedback they get…some of the encouragement. They’re specific. I'm not talking about kissing up and sorts. I'm talking about real genuine “from-the-heart” feedback on what they appreciate about their senior leader. Many times, the senior leader is amazed at the kind of feedback they get. You develop that culture of adding value and you can expect the result of giving encouragement back.

#3: Personal counsel and support.

They share their knowledge and wisdom with you. You've created that environment where you encourage and affirm your team. Then, they're going to give back to you personal counsel and support. They're going to be vulnerable with you and share their insights with you, knowing it's a place where they can share their opinions and be heard. That doesn't mean that you, as the leader, has to go with what they say, but you heard them and you've taken into consideration what they've said and you will ultimately make the decision.

#4:  Follow through.

They carry out tasks and they see projects through to completion. Wow! Novel idea around. I'm in a small business group, hiring and having people that have a good work ethic. This is one of those challenges that people have.  Looking at it at face value, you think, of course, they finish the project because that's their job, but, it's not always that easy. When you begin to contribute, begin to add value, and create an environment where you are contributing and adding value to your people, they will reciprocate what you were doing and they will finish the task.

“I have a sense of purpose in your organization.” We talked about this and adding value. When you cast a vision that your team can get behind, they aren't just coming to work a job; they believe in what they're doing because there's a bigger picture at play. They are part of something greater than self, greater than just a job.

#5: Time.

By doing what they do best, they free you to do what you do best. When you add value to your team, you can begin to delegate responsibilities, knowing that you've empowered them, you've equipped them, and that they can confidently and competently accomplish the job so you get more time to do those things that give you the best return on investment of your time.

#6: Balance of gifts.

Their strengths balance out your weaknesses or deficiencies. That's the beauty of a team and a team that's equipped. You get a team that balances out and you've taken the time to learn what they're good at. I had to do a reset with some of my teams just this last week. I brought them in, I said, “Hey, we got out of balance. I was not using you to your best abilities.  Let's shift some things around. I'm going to take on some different responsibilities and we are going to balance the gifts.” Alright.

#7: Attraction of others.

They attract other quality leaders to your organization. If you have an organization and you're adding value to people and you have quality people on your team, ask them who their friends are. They probably hang out with quality people.  Ask them if they have a referral and if they know of someone who’s just like them that may be looking for a job. That's solid.

They don't want to put their name? If they're a good solid employee, they're not going to put their name and their stamp of approval on someone that's not a good employee. Maybe it's a kid. Hopefully they wouldn't do that. You can begin to attract people that are like your quality employees or your team members.

#8: People development.

They develop. Other team members will come into their own personal growth. If you add value to your people, you model personal growth for yourself and your team members will begin to model it.  They are going to begin to let that trickle down to their downline, whoever they are, whoever they have influence with, whether or not it's a counterpart in the organization. Their fire for growth is going to permeate the entire organization. This is just another result of adding value to your people in the number nine.

#9:  Increased influence.

Strong leaders increase your influence and leadership. If you have added value to your people consistently over time and contributed to their success, their increased leadership, their increased influence is going to increase your entire organization's influence. You will reap the benefit.

Those are nine results of adding value to your team members. I hope that helps you out. If you need anything else, if I can help you in any way or explain some other things, or come and do some training for your organization, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.  I would love to connect with you and talk about how I may be able to serve your organization.

Have an awesome day.

*9 points borrowed from Developing the Leaders Around You by John Maxwell

To purchase John’s book follow this link: Developing the Leaders Around You