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Essential Ingredient for Dream Achievement

I would like to talk about dreams.  As I was thinking about this idea of dreams and what I was going to share with you, the word focus came to mind. That’s not surprising for me because focus is my word of the year and it's something that I'm working on to improve in my life. As I was thinking about that… there's dreaming, there's being a dreamer and dreaming, and then there's dream achieving. 



Essential Ingredient for Dream Achievement


I want to be a dream achiever. I've had family members that have been dreamers and they've died broke. To put it bluntly for you; they haven't achieved their dream. They haven't achieved their goal in life, whether it was an invention, starting a business, or doing something great with their life to make a positive impact in the world or the nonprofit sector or something similar. I don't want to be just a dreamer. I want to be a dream achiever and that's going to take focus. It requires focus in our life to achieve our dreams. I have had to actually cut some things out of my life. Today I ended a subscription audio book and a digital book subscription because it wasn't contributing to achieving my dream.

I'm a personal growth guy. I'm a leadership guy. You would think that's something that I need to be engaged in all the time, growing and reading more material. I have no shortage of resources and materials to read, to study, to improve towards my goal and toward my dream. My problem is that I enjoy learning so much, that it was all about the next book, the next book, the next book.  I talk to my clients, and those that I coach and train, all the time about getting focused and actually putting into practice what they are learning, not just learning more. This was a step for me today in canceling that subscription. I put together an acronym for the word focus; I encourage you to use this. 

F:  Find out what's most important. What's most important to you? What’s going to help you achieve the goal you have, the dream that you have? 

O: Only do what's important. Only do those things that are contributing to your dream and what's most important. 

C: Consider the areas that are not contributing to what's most important. Consider those activities. For me, it was the audio books. It was continuing to collect books, read them, put them on my list and read them, when I have an abundance of content I can tap into at any time.  It makes me better equipped to teach the content that I'm teaching. I had to consider that and I had to drop this audio book. 

U: Untie yourself. Now, this is challenging because many times, there are people connected to those things that we have to untie ourselves from. It may be a non-profit activity that we volunteer to lead. That doesn't mean stop volunteering. I'm saying maybe leading it is not the right thing or maybe you’re giving too much time towards that. Maybe you're part of 10 different non-profits. Pick the one you want to be a part of and do just that one instead of doing 10 different ones. There's one right now for me; an opportunity where I could do some work for a non-profit. I do that kind of stuff all the time. This one opportunity, I'm untying myself from it. I'm not going to do it anymore. There are different activities that you have to untie yourself from. Many times, that means people and relationships. It's challenging, but I want to encourage you to do it. 

S: Seriously do this until you achieve your dream. Seriously go through this process and you're going to have to do it weekly. You're going to do it probably daily. What am I doing right now? Is it contributing to my overall goal and dream? If not, stop doing it! Cut it out and move forward in the activities and the actions that will get you the dream you desire. 

We don't want to just be dreamers; we want to be dream achievers. I hope that helps you today.