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The Most Powerful Question a Small Business Owner Can Ask...

I want to share a question with you that can absolutely change your life. It will change how you think, change your business, change your focus, and your ability to focus. This one question…it's powerful.  It is a very powerful question. I'll give you five reasons why this question is so good and I'll tell you what the question is. Ask yourself this question: What's important now? WIN-What's Important Now? Not what was important or what was important that I missed? Not what’s important tomorrow. What's important now? What is important? 



The Most Powerful Question a Small Business Owner Can Ask...


There’re five reasons why this question is so powerful. 

#1:  It forces you to stop the chaos that is going on in your mind. You know, when we get stressed out, our thoughts begin to get chaotic and they're scattered; they're all over the place. When you ask yourself what's important now, it drives you to stop the chaos and begin thinking on responding to that question: What is important now? 

#2:  It forces you to prioritize, not just to say what's important. We know there're a lot of things that are important, but what's important right now? What is the one thing I can do today that I can't do tomorrow? Tomorrow it will be too late to do that. What can I do today that will make my tomorrow that much better, that much easier? It prioritizes our thinking.

#3:  It forces us to stop thinking about the past. Too often when we get stressed out and we get frustrated, it's because of a bad experience that happened in the past. The past could be the last 24 hours. It could be last week or last year. Whatever it is, we don't want to get caught in the past. We don’t want to get stuck in the past. When you ask what's important now, it puts the focus on moving forward. 

#4:  It forces us to take action. This is a great value to this question. It forces us to take action and  not just think through something, but actually to jump into action because it's important right now. It's not important next week. It’s not important next month or next year. It's important right now. 

#5:  This is just like taking action, but it breaks us out of that cycle of paralysis by analysis.  You've thought over it so long. You've mauled over, you've chewed over it so many times that you're caught in this indecision and  inaction. Paralysis by analysis. What this question does is, once again, it forces action, but it does that by breaking that cycle of paralysis by analysis. 

What’s important now?

You're going to love me for putting that on your radar. I’m giving you that question and  you can begin to put it into practice. I used it this morning, last night before I went to bed, and today. I had plans and I had a schedule of what I was going to do. Then I thought to myself, what's important now? What is the most important thing I could be doing right now? It actually changed my schedule and it changed some of the activities that I'm going to engage in today, because when I initially made my schedule it was a couple of weeks ago. Now the conditions have changed and I have to be able to move and to adapt to the new conditions that I find myself in. 

What's important now?

I hope that helps you as you pursue your dream and you move forward in all that you desire to be.