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Persistence has been a big word that I've been focusing on lately. I'm reading a lot about persistence and I was reminded of it today. I want to talk about persistence and I want to talk about my number one team member, my wife, and she's awesome. She's an amazing, amazing woman and she's in school right now finishing up her bachelor's degree and she wrote an essay for scholarships. She asked me to review it and check it out. So, I read it and I was so inspired by it; it's really her story of persistence to get her degree. 




She shared how she had started going to school here in Texas, where we're at right now. She finished a bunch of her schooling and then we moved across country to pursue my dream and we started a nonprofit in Santa Barbara, California. Then, we were there for a couple years and she started going to school in California. We recognized that the nonprofit wasn't going to be able to sustain itself. So, after four years of being in Santa Barbara, we came back to Texas and we spent a year here and launched another business, a for-profit business. After being here for a year, she decided to get back in school as we were residents. She's on that journey and in the fall, she'll go to Tarleton State University. 

She will continue to pursue a bachelor's and be done with that in 2019. Then she’ll pursue a master's after that. This has been a journey of how she's gone to school and started and stopped. In some cases, she lost a bunch of credits moving back and forth and credits weren't taken back along the way, but through the whole time, she has been persistent. She's persisted along the way.  

As we talk about leadership in your team and with your team members, it's amazing how we make sacrifices for one another along the way. It's really that persistence that's going to enable us to fulfill what we've started. Just like persistence is recording this video right now and doing this vlog after I’ve basically called it a day. It’s about 7:00 at night, and I'd like to get these done about nine in the morning, but it's persistence. 

Persistence is really going to be the key for you achieving your goals as a team. You're going to make sacrifices along the way to persist. I want to encourage you with my wife's story. Keep going. Keep persisting. You might not hit it with the first guesstimate that you make, or that goal when you say you want to be done with something. Don't let that stop you from continuing to move forward. Continue to persist.  My wife used a Martin Luther King Jr. quote, “nothing worthwhile is achieved without sacrifice.” 

I want to give that to you today and I hope that encourages you.