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Do You Have a Scarcity Mindset or an Abundance Mindset?

We are talking about scarcity mindset versus an abundance mindset and I want to give you some great insights on team leadership today. So how does scarcity mindset or abundance mindset play into your leadership? 



Do You Have a Scarcity Mindset or an Abundance Mindset?

I'm glad you asked the question. I want to give you some content that you can use, put into practice, and use with your business or in your organization you lead. What's a scarcity mindset? What does that mean? Well, the scarcity mindset simply means there's only so much pie to go around. If you have a scarcity mindset, you believe since there's only so much pie to go around, if someone else gets a slice of pie, that's a slice you could've gotten but didn’t.  Therefore, you have to stop them from getting their slice of pie so you can keep all the pie for yourself. That would be a scarcity mindset. It's really a win, lose attitude. 

I win; you lose. If you win, I lose. That's the scarcity mindset. Well, the other mindset you could have is an abundance mindset. This would be the mindset I would encourage you to have. The abundance mindset says that there's enough pie to go around. There's enough pie for you; there's enough pie for me and there's enough pie for us to go and get seconds. That's really the capitalistic mindset and it’s where I like to live and where I like to stay.  I love the win-win situations. How does this affect your leadership? As a leader, with scarcity mindset, you will always seek to protect your turf. You'll want to keep your followers or team members in the dark because you're the only one that can communicate with the boss.  Or you're the only one who can talk to this client because you want to keep your people on your team in the dark and under your thumb. 

That's the scarcity mindset and how it affects your leadership. If you have the abundance mindset as a leader, you recognize the value of everybody on your team. You recognize that everybody on your team has value and brings value to the table. You recognize that you weren't put in a leadership position because you have all the answers. You were actually put in a leadership position because you're able to assemble a team, recognize the gifts, talents, and abilities that everybody brings to the table and put them towards a desired outcome or vision that you're going towards. So let's say that you have the scarcity mindset and you want to change. You want to have an abundance mindset. 

How do you do that? Well, I've got three things for you. 

#1: Recognize that everybody has value. 

#2: Recognize that, as the leader, you do not have all the answers. I'm sorry to be the first one to break it to you, but you don't have all the answers. You actually need your team to bring what they have to the table. 

#3: You have to recognize that your role as a leader is to identify the gifts, talents, and abilities of your team members and help them find their sweet spot so they can thrive in a place that will be best for their gifts, talents, and abilities; that is really your role as a leader. 

If you do that, I'm telling you, you will never be in short demand for your skills. You will never have a shortage of people or high performers that want to be on your team. They recognize that they are on your team and they will have opportunity to rise up and produce in a greater way than they ever thought possible in their own life. 

If you want help implementing an abundance mindset with your organization or your team, that's what I do. I would love to come and meet with you, have a consultation and figure out how I can come alongside you and help you as a leader, iImplement the abundance mindset with your team. You can go to drewtjackson.com and hit the contact tab and fill out the information. I'd love to contact you and meet with you. That's the teaching for the day on team leadership.