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The #1 Biggest Mistake People Make with Business Networking!

Today, I am giving you some tips on networking. It's one thing I really love to do. I found it to be very beneficial in my branding and marketing and who I connect with, how I connect, how I get out into the community.  I wanted to tell you about some big mistakes and as I was thinking about this, I was going to share the number one mistake for business people when it comes to business networking. Then, as I was thinking about it some more and kind of mulling over it, thinking about what I was going to share and I had my number one all picked out and then I kind of backtracked a little bit more.  I realized there's a number one before the number one I was thinking of. So really, I have two that I'm going to share with you. 



The #1 Biggest Mistake People Make with Business Networking!


The #1 biggest mistake you can make if you're a business owner, if you're an entrepreneur, if you're an operator of a business, if you are in sales or in business - the biggest mistake you can make with business networking is not doing it. That’s number one. If you're not doing it, then I can't even share the number one mistake I was going to share with you because it has to do with actually engaging with business networking. If you're in an organization of any type, a nonprofit organization, a religious organization, you need to be at business networking events. This is so vital. It's so important. If you aren't engaging in a business networking, then I just have one question for you:  How are you developing your KLT factor? 

You may say, what is my KLT factor? That is your KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor. How are you developing your know, like, and trust factor? How are people beginning to know you? How are they starting to like you and how are they developing trust with you if you are not engaging with them? The Know, Like, and Trust factor is as old as dirt, right? We know this; we know that all things being equal, people will buy from those that they know, like and trust. Here's the other thing; all things not being equal, people will buy from those that they know, like and trust; they are in relationship with you. They don't mind paying a little more money because they trust you. They don't think they're going to get ripped off. Their risk is not as high if they already know you. 

Now, I don't care if you have the greatest email campaign ever created or the newest, in the newest client-relationship management system. I don't care if you have the greatest phone call sales pitch that you do over the phone. It doesn't matter. Nothing compares to the know, like and trust that you get from rubbing shoulders with people. Now there is one way that comes close and it's what I'm doing right now. It's through video; it’s through strong social media presence where people can see you through video, they can comment, they can interact, you respond. You're consistent in your social media posts and in your interactions, so people kind of get a feel for you to begin to trust you through your video, you’re consistent, so they trust you, they know you through your video, they like you, they like how you come across, they see you as an authoritative voice on the subject matter you're coming with. 

Then they can begin to develop the Know, Like, and Trust factor. But nothing compares to rubbing shoulders with people, answering questions, a dialogue. In a monologue or video that I share, I’m sharing insights, some wisdom from my experience, but nothing compares to the interaction that I had yesterday afternoon at a meeting or that I had the other night at a networking event where I was rubbing shoulders with people. I was talking, I was sharing a little bit about who I am. I was finding out who they are. Then even better than that, I had other people talking about what I do and I'm right there. I'm a presence; I'm right there in front of them. If you're there, they can't forget about you like they can an email. If you're there, they can't forget to call you back like a phone conversation. 

So, the biggest number one mistake you can make with business networking is if you are not engaging in it. So, I want to encourage you, join a leads group, join your local chamber of Commerce. Join a BNI group or something. Get out there, start networking, start building relationships. Join the co-office space where you can rub shoulders with people and you're forced to network with people and interact with people and get out of your house. I'm going to quote one of my mentors, Chris Robinson, “Get out the house!” You got to rub shoulders with people. 

This is going to have to be a two-parter, so I will share my original number one biggest mistake in business networking, which is now my number two because this one that I just shared with you is my number one.  I’d love to help you and your business and reach your organizational objectives and develop your leaders.