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To Rest or Not to Rest, That is the Entrepreneur's Question

The question today is to rest or not to rest. I feel like I should sit down for this one, you know, just kind of sit and relax. I guess I'm answering the question by my sitting down: to rest or not to rest. That's what I want to talk about today and what I want to share with you. 


To Rest or Not to Rest, That is the Entrepreneur's Question...

When I talk about to rest or not: Should the entrepreneur rest? There's a lot of different ideas about that…working 80 hours a week, working as many hours as you can. I love to work. I really enjoy working. I love building and I enjoy what I do. 

I love speaking, coaching, training, and building something from scratch. You’ve got to have that wild hair in you if you're going to be an entrepreneur. Should you rest? You're not resting? I imagine most people wouldn't even think about resting. Why would I rest? Rest is when you die, or I'm going to work now, but you can play later or play now and pay later. The idea is that I'm going to work hard now so I can relax later. 

Rest. In an entrepreneur's journey, I define rest as anything other than what you do for a living. So if you are a professional soccer player, then don't play soccer for a day. If you're a professional golfer, then don't play golf for a day. That would be rest for you. If you're a social media marketer, then stay off social media for a day. You get the gist here. Whatever you do for a living, go ahead, take the day off and don't do that for a day so that you can rest, recoup and rejuvenate yourself and your mind. 

Now I rest. For me, I'm on my phone all the time. I take a day of rest every week. It's not the same day every week. We work around my schedule, and if I have to speak or if I have a training or something, we'll work around that. I do take a day every week and this week, we went to see Star Wars, a fantastic movie, The Last Jedi. I really enjoyed it. We went to this movie. Well I'm on my phone all the time and so for my rest, for this day, I left my phone at home and I survived. It was amazing. I left my phone at home and just enjoyed my time with my family. I’ve got five kids, so a rest day for me, married with five kids, looks a lot like whatever they want to do. 

That’s a season of life I'm in and it's not doing what I do for living. I didn't always take a rest. Let’s talk about my journey. I didn't always take a rest day.  I didn't always take time out to rest and rejuvenate. It was when our second child, our son, came along, that we had some friends ask us if we rested.  We were like, “yeah, right, you know, we're on a budget; we’d like to go and do something fun with the kids and take a day off or working two jobs, but how are we going to do this?”  They really encouraged us to do it. They told us that it's as easy as you can drive to a neighboring city. Were in a big metroplex here. Just go to a neighboring city, go to a different mall, different surroundings, change of pace, change of place, will give you a change in perspective. We took them up on it and haven't looked back and it's made a huge difference in difference in our lives. 

I totally believe in resting and taking a day of rest and I think you can do it. I don't care who you are. I was talking to a super high-capacity person who runs multiple companies and he takes time out for rest and makes it a priority in his life. I do believe that if you don't take rests, your body will eventually rest. I just met a wonderful woman, an entrepreneur. She's amazing at building her business and building her brand. She's pushed herself beyond the limits and she was on her way to the doctor yesterday. When I was listening to her, and she’s on her way to the doctor because she doesn’t rest. She just hadn't taken time to rest and she pushed her body too far, and eventually her body said, “uh, you're going to rest.” 

I want to talk about four benefits of resting. If you're on the fence, like, “yeah, I don't know about this. I don't see what the point of resting is.” A lot of successful people say, “work seven days a week, work 80 hundred hours and that's the only way to get ahead.”  Well, I believe we were created for resting. I believe you can still work extremely hard, then also rest extremely well. 

The four benefits:

#1: A health benefit. A tremendous health benefit. I'm never sick, so I have a healthy body and I never get sick. I'm so thankful for that. My body is healthy and I don't get taken out by a lot of the bugs that come around, that other people miss work for. I attribute that to rest and drinking a lot of water. 

#2:  Healthy family. My kids know we have an agreement. We talked to them. I was telling them this morning, I have a very late night tonight. I'm going to a party with some people in a neighboring town, so I don't know if I'll be home till 10, 11:00 at night; it's going to be late. They know, no matter how much I have to work, no matter how hard I have to push, that eventually, every seven days, once a week, I will take a day of rest. I'll stop and they'll get time with me and we'll hang out because that's where my rest days look like right now. It's hanging out with my family, watching movies, cooking. We love to cook. That's what my kids love to do. We love to eat, so we make good food. 

For some of you guys that don't care about a healthy body or healthy family, and just want a healthy business. Here's one for you: How about productivity? 

#3: Productivity. Your productivity will go up. This is something I recognize in my own life. Your productivity will go up if you take one day off a week. How does it happen? Well, if you can always do it tomorrow, then your productivity is going to go down, because you know that you can put something off tomorrow. You're never going to take a day off. So, it's like, well, everything I don't finish, I can do tomorrow. If you know that in three days, in two days, in one day, I'm going to be off and I'm going to take a day off, not going to answer the phone and I'm not going to send emails, I'm not going to follow up with that person, I'm not going to do whatever it is you do for your living. When you know that you're going to take one day off every seven days, it will increase your productivity because you will figure out how to get more done in less time. Your brain will do it; it's amazing. It's amazing how your brain can do that. 

#4: Innovation. You're going to have a greater innovation. You're going to have more if you take a day off. You might say, “well, how does that happen?” Well, I'll just tell you from personal experience. I had an amazing idea yesterday coming off my Saturday rest day. I'm talking a life-changing idea. Extremely, extremely amazing idea that came after a rest day and I don't think that's a coincidence because that happens time and time again, either at the end of my rest day. The very next day, the day after my rest day, I have an idea, a thought, and I go, “oh my goodness! That's how I can solve this problem.” I put the phone down for a day. I come back; I have the answer. Innovations taking a rest. It's taking time away from that.  I can't help but think about a friend I have.  A friend that's been a wonderful friend and he also is a genius with computers. He has fixed my computers over and over and over again. Over the years and many years ago, I said, “man, my computer is not working. Come check it out. Fix it.”  He came in, he looked at it. About two minutes later, it's up; it's running, it's fine. I said, “man, you're a guru. What did you do? You only had two minutes with it.” And he said, “I just turned it off and turned it back on. I restarted it.” I said “really?” He said, “Yeah. Nine times out of 10, the issues you're having with your computer, it’s running slow, it’s not working right…the issues you have with it, if you just turn it off and restart it, and it'll fix those problems. There's something about when it closes out and then reboots, it fixes those problems.”

I can't help but think there's got to be a connection with our minds in that same way and when you go ahead and shut down, you allow your brain to shut down for a day and then it reboots the next day. The missing links to things that weren't quite coming together for you will come together after that.  I would encourage you to take a day of rest. Enjoy some time with your family. I'm taking a rest day. I'm taking some time off to spend with my family and to create some memories and to allow my brain to rest. I'm going to come back more productive and with greater innovative ideas for my business. So I hope that helps you today. If you're asking me to rest or not to rest, I would encourage you to rest. Thank you so much. That's about entrepreneurship today.