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Success Defined

I want to talk about success defined.  For a long time, I struggled with defining success for myself.  I was frustrated because I felt I wasn't successful yet. Other people that looked at my life said I was successful. So, I want to help you. I want to help you define success and understand what it is. 


Success Defined...

Success really is a state of mind. Now that sounds kind of squishy, right? That sounds kind of the easy way out, by saying success is a state of mind. But in reality, no matter how you define success, it really is a state of mind because success is whatever you define it to be. How do I define success? Well, it's however you define success. Success for me is going to look differently for you. Success for some people might be making enough money so they can sit on a beach for the rest of their life and relax and getting there as fast as they can. For me, success is not defined that way. It can't be because my purpose statement for my life, my motto, is that it's my dream to help you live yours. 

I can't go off on a beach somewhere and be a recluse because then I couldn't live out my purpose or my dream or what I define success to be. Success defined is going to be different for every single one of us. For some of us, it's going to be retiring as fast as possible. For others, it's going to be figuring out a way to stay healthy to be able to work as long as possible because there is so much fulfillment in producing and helping people in our perspective, a vocation and what we do. Success defined is going to be different for every single one of us. No two people in a thousand are going to define success in the same way. As the great Og Mandino says in his book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, “failures define the same no matter what.”  

I agree with him. Failure is defined as not achieving your stated goals. If you don't achieve how you define success, then yes, you have failed. I encourage you to stop right now whatever you're doing and go ahead and write down and define what your goals are; find what success looks like for you. For you, hopefully, if you're married or you have kids, part of success is going to be having or being a great husband or great wife.  If you're a parent, it's going to be being a great parent, raising healthy kids. For me, it’s having the people closest to me thinking the highest of me. I want those around my life that are closest to think highest. You know, it's easy to have people that view a video on YouTube or see your website who don't live with you, to think very highly of you. But to have those that are closest to you, think the highest of you, that's a powerful statement to your character and who you are. That's one of my definitions of success. If I'm not getting that then I am failing. My dream is to help you live yours. Helping people, activating people, releasing dreams in people, helping them take one step towards their dream and what they want to do with their life, that is success for me.

I want to encourage you to define success; put it in writing; put it to work because once you define success, your amazing brain will go to work and it will start figuring out ways. It will recognize books that you need to read, teachings you need to go through, and trainings you need to invest in so that you can reach your stated goals and what you're trying to work towards. No matter what you do, you're going to have to grow; you're going to have to change; you're going to have to become a different version, a better version of yourself. If you're going to reach your goals, you're going to have to grow because what you've always done has gotten you where you are. And that might be great; that might be fantastic, but hopefully, your definition of success and where you want to go, is going to take you further than you are currently. 

If you're going to go further, you're going to have to change. You're going to have to grow.  I want to offer you something brand new I've just finished up and just put on my website. It’s the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth training, an audio training I put together. It has 15 different trainings for all 15 laws, over five hours of content. And it has a handout. So, you can follow along and you can fill in the blanks. Then each handout has extra questions you can ask yourself about your personal growth journey so you can reach those goals and be successful in the way that you defined success. You can go to my website, drewtjackson.com, and go to the shop area and you'll see it there. 

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. It's a download; a great gift for someone. I want to make it a price-point for anybody to grab hold of and begin their personal growth journey. So success defined is you defining success. That's what I want to leave you with today. I hope you have a fantastic d