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What Does Reflection Have to Do With Team Leadership

I'm coming to you later in the day today because I was spinning this morning, reflecting and getting back in the routine.  I took a couple days off last week. I talked about the importance of taking some time to rest. I did that myself. Didn't have a video come out Monday or Tuesday as I was spending time with family and I got to go to a bowl game in Dallas. That was awesome. Thank you, Brandon. A little shout out there.  But hey, what does reflection have to do with team leadership and the answer is everything. Oh my goodness. Everything, team leadership and reflection go hand-in-hand. If you are not reflecting on how you're leading your team, then how do you know if you're getting better or not?


How are you learning and growing if you're not reflecting on your team; where they're at, what they're doing, thinking through decisions that you made this last year and rating them and deciding, hey, did I do a good job with that decision? Did I put that person in the right spot? And really thinking through that process. And so, I've just had a blast this morning reflecting and I wrote down some reflection questions, because reflecting has been a big part of what I've been doing in the last few years and it's been a part of my success in life is I've just taken time to slow down so I can speed up. So, I, I want to share with you 10 reflecting questions.  Now you don't have to write all these down because I'm going to have it in a link.

I've been working on it but I want to make sure it's all good to go before I put it out there. I want to have some people with more detailed eyes review it, but I spent this morning creating a detailed guide of 10 questions you can ask yourself for thinking better thoughts, dreaming bigger dreams and achieving greater success.  And who doesn't want that? Right? And so, I have 10 questions for you, and you're really the expert in this whole thing, but I'm going to read off these questions for you. I'm pumped up. I took the test myself. I went through the questions myself and I'm excited about my answers and I'm going through this process where I'm reading through it. And then also, and I'll talk about this in the reflection guide, but going through and answering the questions really quick and then going back and pondering each one.

So, I'll have a blog post about it and I'm going to have a guide you can download. It's going to be great. Number one, if you're reflecting on your leadership and on your team members, this will work. Maybe you don't have a team yet. Look, your team members are the people around your life, your supporting cast, so how are your team members doing and how are they supporting you? Friends, coworkers, people that you associate with and you spend time with. Those are your team members if you don't have a staff team you're leading. So here we go. Number one, what was the greatest decision I made all year? You sit down, you're going to ask yourself, what is the one, it's not the top 10, it's not the top five; it's what's the number one decision I made this year?

Number two is what made that the greatest decision? Go ahead and backtrack.  It was fun kind of going through and doing an autopsy on that decision and seeing the contributing factors of why I made that decision. Number three, how did I make that decision? This is important. If you're going to make better decisions going into this next year, you got to figure out why you made good decisions this year and reproduce that. Number four, how can I make more decisions like that this year, in this next year? In 2018, number five, what team members do I need to give more time in 2018?  There are people in your life, there are people on your team that you need to give more time to and you can see my answers in my blog. Number six, what team members do I need to give less time to? Who in your life do you need to give less time to? Time is the most valuable possession, if you want to say that, the most valuable thing that you have. You can't make more of it. You can't earn more time. You've got to make every moment count. So yes, you do need to ask yourself these hard questions. What team members do I need to spend less time with? And then the, the next question is, what team members do I need to help transition onto a new team?

And you're not doing anybody any favors by, not assessing and helping them understand where they're not contributing to your team. It might be that they're a great person, they've got a great attitude, but it's just a wrong team. It may be that they have a bad attitude, they have lots of skills, but they have a bad attitude and they're bringing you down. Therefore they don't need to be on a team. Whatever it is, you're holding them back by not sharing what that is with them. So, I encourage you to do that. Next. Number eight. What am I most excited about going into 2018? What are you excited about? What are you passionate about? What gets you fired up this next year? Number nine. What gives you the most pause going into this next year? What makes you hesitate? What makes you go, oh man, I don't know how that's going to go.

You need to identify that and then you need to figure out how you can fix that. How you can change that. What can you do to mitigate that pause, that concern that you have?  And then number 10, what one thing am I hoping to accomplish in 2018? Not the 10 things, not the five things, not three things, not even the two things. The one thing; what's one thing I want to get done in 2018? One accomplishment I want to have happen in 2018. All right, those are 10 questions to reflect on and I'm going to stop there because my wife wants me to keep these to under seven minutes, keeping the five- to seven-minute race, especially when she transcribes it. Heather, you are awesome. You are one of the people I'm going to spend more time with absolutely this year and, love my wife, but, anyways, I'll have a download for you and have my lovely wife, heather look over that because she has that detailed eye and she can find any errors. So anyway, hope that helps you. You can find more on drewtjackson.com. Subscribe to this channel and it'll help the content get out so that more people can learn and grow from what I'm sharing on these videos. Thank you so much.