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    Today I want to talk about the word focus, and how it’s my word of the year. It’s something I’m working on to improve in my life, and help me become a dream achiever.  People dream about becoming successful in their lives, but there’s a difference between being a dreamer and a dream achiever. That’s where focus comes into play, and how it can help you become that achiever.

   I’ve had family members that had been dreamers, but they died penniless because they didn’t achieve their dreams and goals in life.  They wanted to contribute to society via non-profits, or get that invention off the ground, but to be blunt, they didn’t have the focus to make it happen.  I vowed that I was gonna be a dream achiever, and I wanted to share with you how focus is getting me there.

    In order to achieve my dreams,  I realized that I was going to have to untie from some of the things in my life that weren’t contributing to my overall goals.  One of these things was a subscription to audio and digital books that weren’t adding value to my overall desire. I realized that they were taking my focus away from what I felt was important in my life. Now I love personal growth and leadership, and you would think that research would be the best route to go, and trust me there is no shortage of material, but my problem was my love of learning.  It was always, one more book, what’s next, so while I love to learn, it was taking time away from enacting what I was learning. So, while I was learning a lot, I wasn’t able to put that knowledge into action.

   So, to drive this point home for myself, I created an acronym that I encourage all my students to use that will help you focus so that you can move forward into achieving your dreams.

F:  Find out what’s most important to you.  What is going to help you achieve your goals? Consider areas in your life that aren’t contributing to your goals such as my audio books.  Once you have identified that areas that are causing distraction and lack of focus, it will be easy to cut out and concentrate on what you have identified as important, and worth the time to make you successful.

O: Only do what's most important. As I mentioned previously, cutting out the things that aren’t contributing positively to your dream, will allow you to do what will.

C: Consider what is holding you back from what's most important.

U: Untie yourself!  This can be challenging because there are people connected to the things that we should untie ourselves from.  It may be the PTA at school, a book club, or something else that affects other people. It doesn’t mean stop doing these things all together, but maybe pick one that you feel most attached to and dedicate yourself to that, and use the other time you gain to focus on your goal.  I want to encourage you to do it because it will only lead to success down the road.

S: Seriously commit yourself to the dream.  Until you take your dream seriously, you will never achieve it.  Go through the process, it maybe weekly, it may be daily, but take it seriously. If you ask yourself, what I am doing right now, and is it contributing to my overall goal.  If the answer is no, stop doing that, and move forward what will help you achieve your dream.

   We want to be dream achievers, not just dreamers, so I hope this helps, and I encourage to start finding your focus.