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How do you build a life?

I have always been fascinated with construction.  I love seeing a dirt field or a hole in the ground transform into a beautiful building.  Something about it is inspiring and brings out a childlike awe on me.  I have driven past this building every day for the last eleven months.  When I began driving past it they had just dug a hole and were beginning to pour the concrete for the first story.  I remember all of the supports and the activity.  I remember the massive cranes and pumps to put the concrete where it needed to go.  I have observed this project and sometimes been frustrated by the traffic issues it has caused, but I have not been intentionally monitoring the progress.  As I went outside to walk today I heard the sound of screws being plunged into the exterior of this building.  One of the many construction workers is attaching the siding to this building.  As I continued to watch I noticed two other men rolling on the paint and it hit me.  How do you build a building?  The answer.  One screw at a time.  One brick at a time.  One piece of rebar and one bucket load of concrete at a time.  One pass of the paint roller at a time. 

    This may seem elementary to you but apply it now to your life.  How do you build a life?  One decision at a time.  One action at a time.  One day at a time.  One relationship at a time.  One thought at a time. 

    But you don’t want to build a life, you want to build your life.  The life you have been dreaming of.  The life you hope to have one day or someday, but what if you could begin to have that life today?  The amazing thing about this life is that you can.  You can begin to build the life that you desire today.  One thought at a time, one decision at a time and most importantly, one action at a time. 

     What will you do today to move one step closer to the life of your dreams?  What could you do?  What will you do?