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Networking to Build a Team, What’s That?

My mentor once said to me, if you want to succeed in networking you should get out of the house.  You must share your elevator pitch, you must talk to people, and you must think of the people you meet as a team.  Which leads me to what I want to talk about. 


 Small business owners a lot of times don’t think of themselves in terms of team or building a team.  They may have come from companies where they were on, or led a team, but in a solo business it's not the same dynamic because either they are solo, or they have employees, but don’t think in a team mentality. So when you’re networking, you want to be in that team mindset of who you can add to your team, not as an employee but as a potential partner, resource or collaborator. Its looking for that Win/Win collaboration that could benefit both you and your new network contact. 

    So let’s look an example where the business owner is a car washer owner. He meets people at a networking event, he meets another business owner who has high end oil change business who’s wanting to add an extra perk for his customers to get the expensive oil change.  The car wash owner can offer a car wash at cost of $20 when the normal selling fee is $40.  So buy offering the car washes at cost to the oil change owners, he has the potential to get regular customers at $40 every week.  It’s all about the contacts being made, and recruiting new customers at a lower cost than traditional marketing. So it’s a win/win for each person, because the oil change customers get a perk, and the car wash has the potential to gain new frequent customers. 

    I want you to be thinking about what's a win-win proposition, who is someone in this room that I could connect with and I could put together a win-win proposition, collaborate on something we could both gain more business, exposure to potential clients and take advantage of building a team in our business.