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I walked into the women's restroom

Ever do something silly, that you just think to yourself, how in the world did I just do that? Well it happened to me today. I went to a training, with a new group, in a venue that I had never been to before, and as I was setting up, I heard nature’s call.


So I walked down stairs, and almost as if I was on autopilot, I went to the bathroom door to the right. I walked in and immediately knew something was off. There were no men’s urinals. I searched the whole room for these mythical urinals, but they were nowhere to be found, so I decided to use one of the stalls. As I locked the stall, it hit me… I was in the women’s room!!!!

I ran out as fast as I could thankful that no one had come in while I was in there, and that no one had seen me come out. It was definitely a “whew!” moment of personal embarrassment.

Now I bet you’re wondering why I am sharing my story of personal shame (not really, it was an accident, but bear with me). It’s about you connecting with me, and relating with my mistake, because we’ve all done something like that before. You connected with it because it was self deprecating and I was able to laugh at myself. I could have gotten upset with myself and said that was so stupid, why did you do that? However, I put my ego aside, and I laughed at myself.

So this is my point, connect with the people around you, and laugh at yourself, and you will elevate your leadership potential, and your relationship with others