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The 3 Beliefs Of A Successful Salesperson

I want to talk to you about sales, and the vital importance it has on every business large and small. I was interviewing a business owner, a highly successful one, and he said something to me earlier before the interview that stuck with me. He said what most small business owners neglect most in their business is the sales area. This struck me, because without sales, there is no business. You have to have revenue to have a business, and revenue comes from sales. Let me repeat that again, you do not have a business if you don’t have sales.

Sales are vital to a business, so let me give you the three core beliefs of a successful sales person.


#1. You must have a belief in yourself. This is the confidence that comes from within. People feel comfortable around confident people, and that is because the confidence can rub off on the other person. The same goes for awkwardness. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone that wasn’t comfortable in their own skin, and that in turn made you uncomfortable? No one wants to be around them, so the first belief is to believe in yourself. Gain that confidence by believing in yourself and your business.

#2. Believe in your product. Believe, and be sure your product can deliver what you’re promising. I personally believe in leadership training, and I believe in coaching and accountability. I know in my own business that if I can get time with you, coach you, and work with you, you’ll have a break through. That is how confident I am in my service. You’re already in expert in your field, so show case it, and be confident in that knowledge. It goes right back to number 1, see what I did there? Do you have that confidence? This is a matter of integrity, because if you are not confident in your product then why should your customer be.

#3 Believe in your client's. You should believe in them and they may even need to borrow your belief in them for a little while. I see this is coaching from time to time, and they need my belief in them to grow as business owners until they have their breakthrough. So today, I want you to borrow some of my belief. If you’re a small business owner, I believe in you. I believe that you can do great things. I believe that your business can have success, and that you can break through that wall that’s right in front of you. You’ve gotta keep going, stay disciplined, and stay in the game. Stay consistent with your effort, work with your personal growth plan, and know that if you work to succeed, you will succeed.

Be honest with the people around you, if you can’t meet a client’s needs, let them know. With me and coaching, there are some people I cannot help. I can’t help resolve issues from the past, that is more of a therapist or counselor, but if you want to move forward, and achieve those dreams we talk about, I am here for you, and I believe in you. However, if I cannot help you, I will in good faith let you know.

So the three beliefs you need to have are belief in yourself, belief in your product, and belief in your client. There are three questions that every single potential client is asking themselves in regards to you. #1 Do they care? They're asking, does this person really care about me? #2 Can they help? Can this person help me? #3 Can I trust them? If you can answer those three questions in the affirmative, then you just made yourself another sale.