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Tips on How to be Memorable When Business Networking

Today is networking day, and we’re gonna talk about being MEMORABLE. That’s right, when you go to an event, you want to be the one that everyone remembers, hopefully in a positive way. How many events have you gone to and handed out hundreds of cards, and no one has ever gotten back to you? Its because it’s the same thing that everyone does… blah blah, my name is bill, blah I do this that and the other thing, hand a card over, and walk away. Who remembers that?


So be memorable. It can be a funny joke, a rhyme, a catchy tag line, or even a little song! Yes, I said song, let the talent show my friend.  What I mean by that, is what do you bring to the table, that can help make you standout and be memorable at a networking event. A few examples are of a lady that was in her 50’s that taught self-defense, and in five inch heels could put her foot above her head.  That is something you can’t easily forget. Another one was a match maker, and her tag line was, “We make love every day”. You aren’t going to forget that easily, so be as memorable as possible using your own unique talent.

In the car on the way over, or even before you leave practice. Practice, practice, practice because you want to go in prepared.  If you don’t prepare, you prepare to fail, so invest your time in making sure you are confident in what you are doing to be memorable. Don’t do it on the spot, as it never turns out well, and then you become memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Once you have captured that person’s attention, get their information, and follow up with them that day.  Email them, call them, and ensure they remember your name, so that way the next time they need a service you provide, you’re the first name that pop’s their head