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Leadership Simplified

The best definitions I have heard of leadership are always the most concise.

Leadership is influence. - John Maxwell

Leadership is knowing where you want to go and getting others to go with you. - Coach

I will attempt to simplify a thought I initially read about in The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill.  Hill quoted Major C. A. Bach, a military instructor that boiled the leaders activities into three categories the leader must know about. 

A leader must know themselves, know their business and know their people.  

That’s pretty simple, right?  It is tremendously rich as well.  If you thought through these three areas you could begin the business of leading in a few hours, even if you had no previous experience with leading you could write what you know about yourself, define what “business” you are in and begin to find the people who are around you and better understand them.  

At the same time, you could dig into these three simple items for the rest of your life.  Let me give you some questions that you can dig into today that will further your development as a leader. 

Below you will find three questions under each category a leader must know: 

1. Know Yourself

• Do you know your strengths and do you stick to them?

• Do you know your challenges and work to minimize them?

• Do you know where you are going and make decisions in light of this? For FREE help with this go HERE.


2. Know Your Business

• Do you know your plan?

• Do you know about your competition?

• Do you know your numbers?


3. Know Your Team

• Do you know them individually & connect with them personally?

• Do you know their strengths & help them stick to them?

• Do you know their challenges and help them minimize them?

Simple, yet profound.  If you begin engaging in these three simple areas your ability to lead successfully will increase exponentially.